Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pukes and glory!

Hi moms!

Im posting this after finally getting some sleep and recovering. You know, when I was younger, getting sick didnt seem all that bad. I got to stay home from school, I got to lay in bed and sleep all day, and mom made me soup. It was totally a win back then. I practically had my butt wiped for me if I needed it, how could it get any better, right?

Wrong. I am 23 years old, with two children, (Lacey is 4 and Spencer is 2.) About 2 days ago, my daughter woke up sick. Poor kid had the pukes all day, and slept through it. Much like my childhood with my mom, I took good care of her while she was not feeling well. By the time she was feeling better, mommy started feeling sick... uh oh!

It started with just the simple stomach ache, so I showered, put the kids to bed, and assumed I would sleep it off. Well shortly after putting the kids to bed, my stomach ache turned into a full war over which half of my body got to use the toilet... Naturally, the lower half won. I Spent every 20 minutes sitting on the toilet with a plastic mixing bowl in my lap while my body battled the horrid stomach flu. Luckily the kids were in bed, because I was in no position to keep an eye on them like this, and daddy is gone in the military right now.

I woke the next morning exhausted, and with sore abs. Huh, who knew barfing my brains out was just as much exercise as the stuff my personal trainer makes me do? Honestly, I couldnt keep my eyes open. Have you ever been so tired that you put the baby gate up on the kids bedroom door and fell asleep on their toddler bed with them playing in there with you? Yeah, that was me. Curled up in a tiny ball on my son's bed, while they played and covered me in blankets and stuffed animals.

I must admit, being a kid was so much easier when it came to being sick. Thank gosh my 4 year old was able to make PB&J sandwiches because I couldnt even stand up without the nausea returning. There are so many times in life when I think motherhood is absolutely not what I am good at, and then I conquer something like this. I manage to survive the stomach flu, and my kids are still alive as well. I guess life isnt near as difficult when we look at the half of the glass that IS there rather than focusing on the half that is missing. :)

Keep your head up everyone, and Im not referring to barfing this time :)

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