Thursday, December 19, 2013

Night Life of the Toddler

Hi again moms!!

Ever since my son turned two, he has really asserted his independence. I like that he can talk to me now, tell me his needs, and communicate his problems with me. Well, he can, unless it is night time. For some unknown reason, every night, at about 10pm - 12am, he wakes up and feels the need to throw a tantrum. Now, these are not night terrors. He is 100% awake, while he does this, and I am honestly not sure why.

It starts with the crying, and when I go in there to ask what it is he needs, it escalates into kicking the walls, screaming and yelling, kicking his legs like a mad-man, and throwing toys. I have tried cuddling him, singing to him, offering him a sippy cup, talking to him, and many more things all without success. Most of my attempts to comfort him just seem to piss him off honestly.

Last night, I was recovering from a nasty stomach bug that had me out of commission all day long. When his tantrum started, I was really dazed and still tired. I thought I grabbed his sippy cup from the fridge, but I actually grabbed half of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and handed it to him. To my surprise, he took the food, and went back to bed without another peep.

Why hadn't I thought of this before? He has always LOVED food, and everyone knows him for that. Perhaps it was a one time thing, but I cant guarantee that I wont do it again just to keep the peace. Perhaps he is just a midnight snacker? We all have our guilty pleasures, and maybe this is his. Im not here to judge him, im here to make his life (and mine) as peaceful and and productive as possible.

With that said, I think I will be investing in a lot more peanut butter! Have a great day moms!!

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